Definition of Ready

To make cooperation between the Development Team and the Product Owner a Definition of Dane has been introduced (you can read about it here). DoD makes easier to manage the expectation for the Development Team. But this is a two-way street. The Product Owner expect something from the Development Team and the Development Team expects something from the Product Owner. They expect from him or her to provide a sufficient information about what they need to do. To make it transparent, and Scrum is all about the transparency, Definition of Ready has been introduced (commonly known as DoR).

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Definition of Done

In the Scrum Guide a very straightforward definition of a Sprint can be found:

The heart of Scrum is a Sprint, a time-box of one month or less during which a “Done”, useable, and potentially releasable product Increment is created.

It is quite obvious what “useable” and “potentially releasable” means. But what exactly means “Done” increment.  If we ask 10 people when a website (simple example) is done, we probably will have 10 different answers. But scrum relies on transparency and to avoid the ambiguity the Definition of Done has been introduced.

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